Best 10 Asian Dating Sites Right Now

  • AsianDating – Best for those looking to meet someone from an Asian background or with an Asian heritage.
  • EastMeetEast – Best for those looking to meet other Asian singles in their area.
  • FilipinoCupid – Best for people looking to find a Filipino partner for dating, relationships, and even marriage.
  • AsianSingles2Day – Best for singles looking to meet someone of Asian descent.
  • Cherry Blossoms – Best for those looking for a meaningful relationship with someone from a different culture.

There are plenty of other great Asian dating sites available, each offering their own unique features and benefits. Alternatives that you might want to check out include:

  • JapanCupid
  • ChinaLoveCupid
  • ThaiCupid
  • DateInAsia
  • AsianDate

How To Choose The Best Option For You?

Choosing the best Asian dating site can be a bit of a minefield. I mean, with so many options out there it’s hard to know which one is going to give you what you need! Well don’t worry – as an online dating guru and expert who has tried numerous sites and apps, I’m here to help.

First things first: think about your own needs when selecting an Asian dating site. What kind of relationship are you looking for? Are you just after something casual or do want something more serious? This will determine whether free or paid-for sites would work better for your situation; if all that matters is finding someone fun then maybe try out some free ones before investing in any subscription services! And make sure whatever platform(s)you choose have enough active users in your area too – otherwise they won’t be much use at all… Next up: check the features on offer from each potential choice carefully – how easy is it navigate around their website/app? Is messaging included within membership fees (or even available at all)? Can members filter search results by criteria such as age range etc.? All these factors should play into deciding which option works best for YOU specifically…and remember, no two people’s preferences are exactly alike so don’t feel pressured into picking anything unless it really suits YOUR requirements!

Finally, take advantage of user reviews & testimonials where possible – this could provide invaluable insight into other peoples’ experiences using different platforms and might save yourself time & money down the line by avoiding those not worth bothering with altogether!. Also consider reaching out directly via social media channels like Twitter & Facebook; companies usually respond quickly if contacted through them rather than traditional customer service routes like emailing support teams etc., plus they may even throw exclusive discounts/promotions our way occasionally too 😉 So keep an eye open for those opportunities while doing research on various providers…it never hurts right?!

In conclusion: choosing between multiple Asian Dating Sites isn’t always straightforward but hopefully now armed with my top tips above,you’ll find navigating through them easier than ever before ;). Good luck hunting folks!!

Pros & Cons Of Asian Dating Sites

Asian dating sites offer a unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. However, it is important to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages that come along with using these types of platforms.

  • Easier to find someone with similar cultural values and background.
  • Large selection of potential matches from different countries in Asia.
  • Ability to communicate with members using a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Many features that make it easier for users to connect such as instant messaging or video chat capabilities.
  • Variety of search filters available so you can narrow down your options quickly and easily
  • Limited access to members outside of Asia
  • Lack of communication options, such as video chat or voice call
  • Language barriers due to the majority being non-English speaking countries
  • Potential cultural differences that could be difficult for some users to navigate
  • Lower user base compared with other dating sites

List Of Best Asian Dating Sites


AsianDating is the perfect spot for singles looking to meet their match! With over 2.5 million members, it’s one of the largest and most trusted Asian dating sites out there. It offers a range of features such as advanced search options, verified profiles, and even a live chat system. Plus, you can rest assured that your privacy is protected, with its strict verification process and 24/7 customer support. Whether you’re seeking a serious relationship or just some fun, AsianDating has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get swiping and find your soulmate today!


EastMeetEast is the go-to dating site for Asian singles! It’s got all the bells and whistles – search filters, match recommendations, messaging, and more. Plus, it’s totally free to join! With its easy-to-use interface and intuitive features, EastMeetEast makes finding your perfect match a breeze. And if you’re looking for love outside of Asia, no worries – they’ve got you covered there too. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and find your happily ever after!


FilipinoCupid is the perfect place to find your Filipino match! It’s a dating site that offers a safe and secure environment for singles to connect. With its advanced search features, you can easily narrow down your search results and find your ideal partner. Plus, it has tons of key features like live chat, instant messaging, video calling, and more. Plus, its free membership gives you access to thousands of potential matches, so you can start your journey to finding love right away. FilipinoCupid is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a reliable and fun way to meet your Filipino match!


AsianSingles2Day is a dating site that offers a unique experience for singles looking for love. It has key features like advanced search, live chat, and video calls, plus a huge database of members. The advantages? You can find someone special from any part of the world in no time! Plus, it’s free to join and use. So why not give it a try? Who knows, you might just hit the jackpot!

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms is a dating site that’s been around for decades. It’s got a lot of great features, like an easy-to-use search function and a free membership option. Plus, it’s one of the few sites that offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t find someone special within six months. All in all, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking to dip their toes into the online dating pool. And with its long track record, you can rest assured that it’s legit. So why not give it a shot? You’ve got nothing to lose – and who knows, maybe you’ll find your cherry blossom!

5 Useful Tips For Asian Dating Sites

  • Create an interesting profile that reflects your personality and interests.
  • Use clear, high-quality photos of yourself.
  • Reach out to other members with messages that are friendly and engaging.
  • Take the time to read through other members’ profiles before messaging them.
  • Be patient and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

How Do We Rank Asian Dating Sites?

When it comes to reviewing Asian dating sites, my team and I take our job seriously. We don’t just look at the surface level of a site – we dive deep into its features and capabilities. To ensure that we give an accurate review, we test both free and paid versions of each website by sending messages to other users (we sent over 500 messages in total across all sites). In addition, for each website tested, we spent multiple days exploring every feature available on the platform from creating profiles to messaging other members. We also took time researching user reviews online as well as scouring through forums related to Asian dating websites so that no stone was left unturned during our research process. All this information is then used when writing up comprehensive reviews which are published on our blog page for everyone’s benefit! What sets us apart from other review sites is not only do provide detailed analysis but also commit ourselves wholeheartedly in ensuring these reviews are regularly updated with new developments or changes made by any given site – something many others fail miserably at doing!


So there you have it, a comprehensive review of the best Asian dating sites. All in all, these platforms offer an excellent way to meet potential partners from around the world and can be great for those looking for something serious or just some fun. With their user-friendly interfaces and secure payment systems, they make sure that your online experience is as smooth as possible – no matter where you are! So if you’re interested in finding someone special with an Asian background then why not give one of these websites a try? You never know what could happen!


1. How dangerous are asian dating sites?

Asian dating sites are generally safe to use. Most reputable websites have measures in place to protect users from scams and frauds, so it’s important to do your research before signing up for any site. That said, as with all online activities, it is still wise to exercise caution when using these services.

2. Are asian dating sites real?

Yes, asian dating sites are real. I’ve tried a few myself and had some great experiences meeting people from all over the world. It’s definitely worth giving them a try if you’re looking for an authentic connection with someone special!

3. Are asian dating sites anonymous?

No, asian dating sites are not anonymous. You will need to create a profile and provide some personal information in order to use the site. Some sites may also require you to verify your identity before using their services.

4. How can I stay safe on asian dating sites?

Make sure to read the safety guidelines provided by the site, use a strong password and never share personal information with someone you don’t know. Always meet in public places for your first few dates and trust your instincts if something feels off.